QUIZ: Are These Statements About Breast Cancer True or False?

When it comes to breast cancer and its risk factors, knowledge is power. And if you don’t already have the power, you’re about to.

Even having a rough idea of what the statistics are could help you or a loved one get diagnosed and treated faster, which could have a huge impact on the health and happiness of that person and those around them. And even if your breast cancer knowledge never helps anyone get diagnosed or treated, it should at least give you a little extra peace of mind.

We at the Breast Cancer Site are devoted to making sure people know everything they can about breast cancer so that more people can get diagnosed earlier, receive high-quality treatment, and feel empowered rather than vulnerable about their situation.

Do you agree that breast cancer needs to be stopped in its tracks, and that we need to know everything we can about it? Then check out the quiz below to see how much you already know and learn something new as well! Then share this quiz with friends so that everyone can know as much as you do about breast cancer and the risk factors involved.

It doesn’t matter how well you do, but you may be happy to know that you have a 50-50 chance on each question, even if you don’t know the answer! Get ready to brag about your amazing score to your friends!


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