QUIZ: Find Out What Type of Warrior You Are

Breast cancer patients and breast cancer survivors are some of the strongest people on the planet, in our humble opinion. They’re all warriors, but they’re also all different and unique.

If you’ve experienced cancer, you’re already a warrior. But do you know what kind?

It’s time to get a leg up on cancer. We’ve created five warrior personality types and written 10 questions to help you determine which warrior category you might fit in. You deserve to know who your warrior self is.

Our hope is that this personality quiz will help you learn a little more about where your strengths and weaknesses lie and inspire you to dig deep and fight cancer with whatever your best assets are!

Click “start” below and answer the questions to find out which type of warrior you are. Don’t forget to share your results with your Facebook friends!

Keep on fighting that battle. You rock!


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