Young Mom with Breast Cancer Requests Advice and Laughs — And the Internet Delivers

Reddit user galactica216 was a mother of a five year old and a two year old when she was told she had stage II breast cancer. Feeling weighed down by her diagnosis, she turned to the Internet for practical advice and something to make her smile.

She writes: “Louis C.K. says, ‘When it comes to humor, nothing is off limits.’ I have a sense of humor and want to laugh. I’m grateful to those that say things such as, ‘You’ll get through this,’ and [that] they had a family member or friend that went though this, but I can’t allow myself to tackle this with a pity party and sad Sarah McLachlan songs.”

All she really needed was a good giggle. And Internet users from around the world delivered exactly that.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of comments from Redditors who wanted to help galactica216 stay positive during her cancer journey. Their responses range from the snarky and sarcastic to innocently silly. You’re sure to get a few laughs from these helpful people!

(NOTE: Some comments have been edited for length, grammar, or profanity.)

Photo: Adobe Stock/SolisImages
Photo: Adobe Stock/SolisImages

Make it a contest.

“Name your boobs and chart their progress. Force them to compete with one another to get healthy again. Berate one of them out of shame if it fails to progress at the same pace as the other.” —Reddit user dephile

Give cancer a name.

“My sister named hers. It was very funny sitting in hospital waiting rooms discussing that a**hole Frank.” —Reddit user Collywot

Train your cancer the right way.

“Did you try hitting [the cancer] on the nose with a rolled up magazine and saying ‘NO’ in a firm voice?” —Reddit user rsvr79

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Photo: Adobe Stock/oatawa
Photo: Adobe Stock/oatawa

Get a good bandaid.

“I have some bacon-shaped bandaids. You could try that.” —Reddit user nomopyt

Use your imagination.

“My mother-in-law just did the whole breast cancer thing, and one of the things she enjoyed was Wii Tetris. Specifically, there’s a Tetris on there where you place bombs and try to blow up all of the blocks on the board. She imagined the blocks were cancer cells and really enjoyed it.” —Reddit user prionattack

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