Young Mom with Breast Cancer Requests Advice and Laughs — And the Internet Delivers

This joking debate.

“On a semi-unrelated note, who would win in a fight—Godzilla made of cancer, or Samuel L. Jackson?” —Reddit user royisabau5

“Neither. Clint Eastwood will try to break up the fight and, not realizing his own strength, will inevitably destroy them both.” —Reddit user slightlyamused1

Try quality head-coverings.

“Wear silly hats! If you don’t have a silly hat, PM me and I will fix that.” —Reddit user thelibrarina

Photo: Lindsay_Helms
Photo: Lindsay_Helms

Play the “C Card.”

“My family has a really inappropriate sense of humor, so we often would laugh and make jokes. My mom used to constantly refer to playing the “C card.” She didn’t talk about her cancer a lot, but we had to fly to Ontario while she was still going through treatments, so she managed to tell the people at the gate that she just had her chemo a few days ago and wasn’t feeling so great and was hoping the whole family could sit together, and we got bumped to first class. I told her I thought it was unethical and she said ‘I have cancer; I can do whatever I want.’ She also had one of her treatments around Halloween, and we kept joking about how funny it would be for her to show up at the hospital dressed like Uncle Fester (because she had lost all of her hair). She didn’t follow through, but I wish she had.” —Reddit user realjill

And last but not least…

“Hakuna Ma-tatas…it means no worries!” —Reddit user Grouplover

Photo: Adobe Stock/Andrew Bayda
Photo: Adobe Stock/Andrew Bayda

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“Wow! Thank you from the bottom of my breasts!” writes galactica216 in an edit to her post. “I cannot express how elated I am that so many of you would reply with words of encouragement, stories, advice, links, kid-safe jokes, bad jokes and horribly funny jokes.”

There will always be trolls and haters, but the Internet is also home to some of the most humorous and generous people in the universe. Thank you, Reddit, for your kind comments to a stranger. Galactica216, we wish you all the best.

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