This Third-Generation Survivor Has the Best Tips for Breast Cancer Patients and Their Loved Ones

Angela Banker, mother, teacher, and young survivor, always knew she had a high chance of developing breast cancer because of her family history of the terrible disease. Her grandmother was diagnosed at age 51 and has since been through 4 separate occurrences of cancer. Angela’s mother was diagnosed at age 40, and she has been through cancer twice.

But the young age at which Angela developed the disease—just 33—meant it was still surprising news. And a couple of years later, her 37-year-old sister received the same diagnosis. This family is full of fighters!

In the video below, Angela offers some tips to others whose lives have been affected by breast cancer, both those who have actually had cancer and those who have stood by as their friends or loved ones fought cancer.

If you’ve been through cancer before, you know these tips are spot on. Number 3 is our favorite, because so many people don’t realize the emotional toll that breast cancer takes on a person. So remember: don’t ask how you can help. Just find the best way you know how to help and then do it! The person you’re helping may not even know she needed your assistance until you’ve already provided it!

Check out Angela’s other great tips in the video.

Provide Mammograms

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