Is Running Better Than Walking For Breast Cancer Survivors?

If you follow breast cancer news, you may know that exercise is recommended to live a healthy life after developing the disease. However, there is new information that suggests that a fitness regime that includes running is a better option than one featuring walking.

Paul Williams, Ph.D., of Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory published a study in the International Journal of Cancer. Using information stemming from the National Runners' and Walkers' Health Studies, the research analyzed 272 runners and 714 walkers that were previously diagnosed with breast cancer and compared their mortality rates caused by the disease.

While the overall rate of death decreased 23.9 percent for runners and walkers combined compared to women who didn't exercise during their treatment, those who ran had a decreased mortality rate of 40.9 percent. Walkers had a 4.6 percent reduction.

According to Runner's World, runners are considered "vigorous exercisers" because even those who maintain a slow pace can complete a mile in 12 minutes. However, walkers typically complete the same distance in 17 to 20 minutes or slower.

Speak with a doctor before you begin an exercise regime to see what type of workout will be best for you.

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