It’s a difficult journey but possible

Its a difficult journey but possible

Story by Nicole M.
Washington, DC

I was diagnosed with breast cancer just after my 39th birthday. I suppose there is never a good time to learn something like that but the timing was just awful. I had just started a new job, had a new boyfriend and was looking forward to planning a family. Within a few months, I was sitting in chemotherapy, crying over my lost hair, and wondering when my life would be back to normal.

Flash forward two years and I’m getting adjusted to being back at work. I’m back on the market looking for a boyfriend — and hoping he doesn’t mind that my body is different now. But so far, dating is going okay. I had to let go of the dream of having children (at least the natural way) but I’m still hoping for love.

My family and close friends have been miracles of support. It is not the easiest road to travel but I think that it has been sprinkled with blessings in the midst of the trials. I am learning to accept me, flaws, scars and all.

The reality is that I lost my hair — but it grew back. I lost my breast — but I got a new one. I have a few new scars and I’ve gained a few pounds but my stage 3 cancer is completely gone. And that’s the best thing I can ask for in this life. To keep on living.

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