Life with Jackson Pratt Drains After a Mastectomy

There are a lot of scary things about having cancer and getting treated for cancer, and it’s totally okay to be nervous. But it’s possible that not all of the things you’re afraid of are as bad as you think.

Happily, there are people who have done it before you who can help make the unknowns a little more known and the frightening aspects of the journey a little more bearable.

YouTuber Nalie Agustin is one of those people. Since being diagnosed with breast cancer, she has devoted much of her time to videoing herself telling her story and going through the different stages of treatment (as well as some fun times).

Photo: YouTube/Nalie Agustin
Photo: YouTube/Nalie Agustin

This amazing girl will teach you how to tie a headscarf when your hair falls out after chemotherapy (get the tutorial here), and she’ll also encourage you when you feel like your hair is never going to grow back in (see Nalie’s hair regrowth transformation here). And if you’re not feeling beautiful? Nalie’s got a special self-confidence-boosting photoshoot (watch it here) to help keep your chin up!

In the video below, Nalie has recently had a mastectomy and has Jackson Pratt drains to keep the fluid from building up in her body. Drains are a scary part of the mastectomy experience for many people, but Nalie will walk you through it!

Photo: YouTube/Nalie Agustin
Photo: YouTube/Nalie Agustin

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This girl is so creative and so positive! Even if you don’t hear anything new from any of Nalie’s how-to videos, we hope you’ll find her fantastic attitude as contagious as we do.

Nalie, thank you for being there for the people who will go through the same things you’ve gone through in the future. You’re an amazing woman, and we wish you all the best as you continue your journey.

Learn how to wear your drains and even shower with them in this video.

In 2017, Nalie learned that the breast cancer had come back and metastasized to her lungs. Learn more about her new fight against cancer (and take some inspiration from her nothing-will-hold-me-back attitude!) by checking out our post here. That haircut is to die for!

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