JJ Watt Helps Pay For Funeral Costs So A Fan Doesn’t Have To Sell Her Memorabilia

Most football players make their star plays on the field but defensive lineman JJ Watt decided to do his fancy footwork on Twitter.

It seems as if one of his fans was struggling because her grandfather died and she wanted to help with the funeral costs. In order to do so, she was going to sell some of her JJ Watt memorabilia.

She posted the information on Twitter, saying: “I have a pair of @JJWatt women’s edition of Reebok shoes size 9 $60. I’ve worn them twice. They are great shoes. I’m only selling because we are raising money for my grandpa’s funeral. I also have a Watt women’s XL Texans Jersey $30. Anyone interested?”

Simpson had already shared how the family was having a difficult time paying for the funeral. It can get expensive, so she decided to raise some money to help cover the expenses.

That is when @JJWatt showed up. It seems as if being mentioned in the Tweet caught his eye, and he wrote back saying: “Don’t sell your shoes and jersey. We’ll help with the funeral. I’m sorry for your loss.”


Watt played with the Houston Texans starting in 2011 until he moved to the Arizona Cardinals in 2021. He was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year three times.

Photo: flickr/Scott Miller

After reading what he had to say, she said: “I freaking love you man. “It’s been a hard year and this last month has been hard since the death. I wish I could tell you my story.”

After people saw the exchange, it went viral.

This isn’t the first time that Watt has shown up to save the day. He has his J.J. Watt Foundation, which he uses to raise money for hurricane relief and a wide variety of other causes. Through it all, however, he still enjoys one-on-one interactions with his fans.

Simpson will get to keep her memorabilia and the funeral expenses are being covered.

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