This Brave Woman Battled Breast Cancer So She Could Take Care of Her Husband

Kalsom always got her recommended mammograms, so she thought she was completely safe from cancer. She never expected to receive her diagnosis. But cancer snuck up on her anyway.

Her first chemotherapy treatment was a difficult one. But she told herself that she needed to get through it for her family. Her husband was very sick and needed her as his caretaker, and she wanted nothing more than to be around to do that for him.

Kalsom is an inspirational lady, and she has been a survivor since 2012. This tough woman is not giving up on life, no matter what happens!

Breast cancer does not discriminate by age, gender, race, genetic factors, or care whether you’ve been responsible about your annual screenings. It can strike at any time.

The best weapon we have against this silent killer is early detection. So make sure that on top of regular mammograms at the recommended times, you also do monthly self-exams to check for any abnormalities that could be a sign of cancer.

Watch Kalsom’s story in the video below now!

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