Breast Cancer’s No Match for this Incredible Cop!

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Orlando police came out strong to show their support for the members of their force that are fighting against or are survivors of breast cancer.

To honor officer Karen Long’s second round of her fight against breast cancer, this time stage 4, she was honored with a pink patrol car! Awesome! And I love how she’s still smiling through it all!

As many breast cancer patients have learned through experience, getting treated for cancer is incredibly expensive, and insurance doesn’t always cover the medications needed. This forces some women to choose between their literal survival and their financial survival—a choice no one should ever have to make!

That’s where the Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation steps in to help, ensuring that low-income and underinsured women can access the life-saving medications their doctors have prescribed. You can help them with their incredible work!

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