When This Survivor Reached Five Years Of Being Cancer-Free, She Bared Her Scars To Celebrate

When Kellie hit her five-year survival point for breast cancer, she wanted to do something fantastic.

She had just turned 53 and had recently split from her husband. She felt beautiful in spite of her scars and wanted to show other women that they can feel beautiful, too. So she enlisted the help of Laura Gordillo Photography and starred in her own special photo shoot.

Darryle Pollack is the co-founder of WHOA! Network, an online platform “that champions women’s vitality at every age.” She introduces Kellie’s story in this video. Darryle is a breast cancer survivor herself, and she treasures fearless Kellie’s attitude. Darryle struggled to feel comfortable in her own skin after battling cancer. She went bald during chemo, and wore a wig and a hat whenever she went out in public; she even wore a cap to bed, refusing to let anyone — even her husband and children — see her bald. And while her hair grew back beautifully after chemo, her reconstruction after her double mastectomy failed, and she still struggles with wanting to cover up her chest with scarves.

We hope both of these women’s stories serve as an inspiration for your own journey.

Take a look!

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