Heroic KFC Employee Saved a Kidnapped Woman Who Left Note Asking for Help

A Kentucky Fried Chicken employee helped to save a woman’s life upon reading her note for help and calling the police, according to court records.

It must be a most unexpected incident for the heroic KFC employee, who is used to the regular activities at the fast-food restaurant — people making orders, dining, chatting with friends, and leaving with happy smiles.

Photo: YouTube/FOX13 Memphis

But that weekend, the said employee chanced upon a note whose writer was begging for help. The writer was a woman who said that she had been kidnapped.

The Memphis Police Department (MPD) was immediately contacted, and, based on the KFC employee’s description, they were able to intercept the kidnapper and the victim.

The guy was Diego Glay, who was holding his ex-girlfriend against her will. He had tried to resist arrest and escape, but the police were able to take him to their station and charge him for his crimes.

Photo: YouTube/FOX13 Memphis

The woman’s name was Amanda Spedden, and she admitted that they used to be in a relationship. But she wanted to end it because Glay was physically abusing her.

And when she tried to leave, he refused to let he go, which resulted in more physical assaults, along with threats. Glay, who took Spedden’s phone to prevent her from calling for help, also had a gun in his possession.

Photo: YouTube/FOX13 Memphis

Spedden further told the police that Glay had been taking her to cheap motels in the city to evade suspicion. She had the chance to ask for help when they stopped by at the KFC on Winchester Road.

It was a good thing that a heroic KFC employee acted fast and the criminal was apprehended.

People in Memphis were elated to hear the news. Victims of domestic violence are advised to seek help as soon as possible. The number for the National Domestic Violence Hotline in the U.S. is 800-799-7233.

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