How Are You Doing As A Parent? Your Kids’ Answers May Surprise You

How well do you think you parent your children? Are you doing a good job? Do you think your children appreciate you as a parent? For most of us, these are frightening questions. We are often nervous that we’re not doing well enough, and there’s really no way to know sometimes whether we’re doing the right thing.

But there is one way to get a response to this question. Ask your child.

Minute Maid asked some parents how they thought they were doing. All of them thought “I can do better” or ” Maybe a 7 at the most?” This is a sad way to think about your parenting skills, but we all deal with this anxiety from time to time (if not all the time).

Then their kids were asked to write their parents and tell them how they thought their parents were doing. Needless to say, kids are very observant and learn from you. As parents, perhaps we focus on the wrong things too often and don’t take time to remember the good things, the simple things, that we do every day that makes our kids so special.

Remember, you are so special! Your kids probably appreciate you much more than you know.

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