Thousands Of Motorcyclists Fulfill Child With Terminal Cancer’s Last Wish

What can you say about cancer that hasn’t already been said? It is an awful, destructive illness that takes those we love from us. For those suffering from terminal cancer, as well as their families, the immense pain is nearly impossible to drown out.

Still, for the Sass family in Northern Germany, the impossible was accomplished over the course of a four-hour rally in honor of Kilian, a 6-year-old with terminal cancer.

Kilian had told his parents that before his death, he wanted to see more of what he loved most — motorcycles. The idea stuck with the family, and the call went out on social media.

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Were there any riders in the area who could drive past the family’s home and wave? They were hoping for maybe a couple dozen kind strangers. Then, social media did its thing, amplifying the hashtag #KrachfuerKilian (Noise for Kilian) into a rallying cry for riders across not only Germany, but Europe.

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More than 15,000 motorcycles rode past the Sass family home that day in July.

“I have goosebumps all over my body,” organizer Markus Kruse told Ostfriesen Zeitung, adding, “We never expected so many people to come. I hope that Kilian and his family can draw strength from it.”

“I’ve lost a six-year-old son myself and I know how it must feel for the parents,” added rider Kim Hansen in an interview with the paper. He had traveled over 370 miles to participate in the ride, along with others who had covered even greater distances. They came from all over Germany, as well as Denmark, the Netherlands, and Poland.

The event lasted over three hours, with an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 bikers participating. There was only one minor scrape during the event, an incredible accomplishment given the number of riders, route of the ride, and length of time they were all on the road together.

The local police thanked the community for coming together as well as the riders for their expert riding and courteous demeanors during the whole event.

From the family home, Kilian watched in shocked joy as an endless stream of riders made noise for him, celebrating his life. The ride was a showcase for the most unique and beautiful human abilities there is — the ability to turn pain into joy through community and selflessness.

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Kilian passed less than a month after the event. For more photos and videos of the event, browse the #KrachFuerKilian tag on Twitter here.

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