After She Loses Her Hair to Chemo, This Kitten Keeps Her Head Warm

Breast cancer is not a fun experience for anyone, but one lovely young lady has gotten some much-needed help from a special feline friend. When one of her human friends suggested she go spend some time with some kittens to help her cope with breast cancer treatments, she remembers thinking, “We have two other cats, but who doesn’t love kittens?”

So she and her fiancé went to see a litter of barn kittens and ended up coming home with one after returning to visit them several times. The kitten, named Totoro, has found a loving home with her new owner and has already made friends with the other cats in the house. Her owner has even used the kitten’s name as her Imgur handle, “mykittentotoro.”

Mykittentotoro has been through all sorts of cancer-related obstacles, like chemotherapy, a lumpectomy, hair loss, doctor’s appointments, and more. But her cats have been by her side throughout it all, providing love and companionship in her time of need.

Recently, mykittentotoro had to shave her head because, as she said, the chemotherapy “comb-over” look just wasn’t working for her anymore, and she discovered that the newest member of her furry family was ready to provide yet another service for her.

Without even being asked, the cute kitty curled up at her mom’s head as she was lying down, resting. Since then, she’s taken on the job of a hat on several occasions. “When chemo takes your hair, but your kitten keeps your head warm at night,” the proud cat mom posted on Imgur. “Thanks, Totoro!”

The cat has certainly done the job she was asked to do. “She has been such a positive healing force in my life, even in the short time she has been in it,” says her mom. “The timing was somehow perfect, and we are so lucky to have found her.”

Congrats to this lovely family! May your head and your heart always be warm!

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