Kris Hallenga: Dying to Live

Kris Hallenga noticed a lump in her breast when she was 22. But when she saw her doctor, her concerns were brushed off because of her age. When she went back six months later to a different doctor, she was dismissed again — this time, the lump was chalked up to hormones. It wasn’t until her mother pushed her to get a referral and see a specialist that her concerns were finally validated. Kris was diagnosed at age 23 with stage 4 breast cancer. And by this point, the cancer had already spread into her spine.

It has been years since her diagnosis, and Kris is still fighting. She has since started a non-profit called CoppaFeel! that promotes self-checks in young women.The message is simple. “We educate young people about why they should start checking their boobs from a younger age — and take that on for their whole lifetime, so that all breast cancer is diagnosed early.”

Take a look at this video to learn more about Kris and her charity.

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