It’s Time to Cross Cultural Barriers in the Fight Against Breast Cancer!

Going to the doctor can be a strange experience for anybody, but when there are language and cultural barriers, it makes the trip even more difficult.

Can you imagine not being able to tell your doctor what you think is wrong with you, let alone request tests or ask questions about your diagnosis? Can you imagine not being able to read your prescription bottle and not knowing what the side effects of your medication might be? Can you imagine paying your bill without really knowing what you were paying for?

We’re getting nervous just thinking about it.

Communication is absolutely essential to good medical care, but too many people are going without a decent doctor-patient relationship because of their inability to communicate with their medical team. Luckily, there are some wonderful people out there trying to fix this issue.

The Lao community in the Twin Cities is getting help to get the breast cancer screening they need thanks to the Lao Assistance Center and Chongchith Saengsudham. Learn more about this great program in the video!

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