5 Times Chemo Treatments Ended With a Bang

To put it mildly, undergoing chemo is no fun. It’s a long process that’s exhausting in more ways than one. So when you walk out of your last appointment for treatment, you might want to celebrate in some way. That’s exactly what these cancer patients and their loved ones did! If you need a pick-me-up (or an idea for an end-to-chemo celebration), check out these videos and images!

5. A Parade Serenade?

UW Marching Band Surprises Cancer PatientWhen Ann Trachtenberg joked she wanted to be escorted out of her last chemotherapy treatment by a marching band, little did she know her niece would contact the Badger Band: The University of Wisconsin Marching Band to do the honors. Join us in congratulating her by commenting below!

Posted by UW Carbone Cancer Center on Monday, July 20, 2015

In jest, Ann told her family that she wanted a marching band to welcome her once she walked away from her final chemo treatment. What an awesome family she has; they arranged to do just that, bringing in the University of Wisconsin Marching Band to greet her as she stepped out of the building!

4. A Happy Moment on Top of a Happy Moment

This man used his girlfriend’s last chemo appointment to pop the question. And it’s all accompanied by pretty piano music, too—perfect!

3. “It Was Tough, But I Was Tougher!”


This precious little angel is Sophia, who was diagnosed with medulloblastoma. It took eight months for her to go through her treatment, but every time the doctors administered her medicine, her mom said she was receiving superpowers. So naturally, to celebrate her last chemo treatment, she posed for the camera in a Wonder Woman costume, proudly displaying a sign that read “My Last Chemo Treatment: It Was Tough, But I Was Tougher.”

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2. It’s a Party…With a Special Guest!

So far, I haven’t shown you any stories involving parties, but that’s about to change. On 10-year-old Josue’s last day of chemo, he got a special party with cake…not only that, but he also got to see NFL Quarterback Ryan Tannehill!

1. Can’t Get Enough of Those Proposal Videos!

Tamara went through six sessions of chemo to treat her Non-Hodgekins Lymphoma. But the sixth was not an ordinary one; she walked into her hospital room to find that it was decked out. Not only that, but Lucas, her high school sweetheart, also asked her the four-word question that many dream of hearing: “Will you marry me?” So sweet!

Which one was your favorite?

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