She’s Celebrating Her Last Day Of Chemo, Then Boyfriend Drops To One Knee

If you’ve gone through cancer treatment, you’ve had some bad days. Some really, really bad days. Hopefully, somewhere among treatments and frustration and pain, a few rays of sunshine have broken through to encourage you.

Though you’d never sign up for it again, cancer treatment can deepen relationships and create a sense of community that we didn’t think was possible before.

This sense of community is exactly what Jillian is celebrating with gathered friends, family, doctors and nurses on her last day of chemotherapy.

Photo: YouTube/Memorial Sloan Kettering
Photo: YouTube/Memorial Sloan Kettering

“Some days have been really, really good, and some days have been really, really bad. But when they’ve been really, really bad, they don’t seem as bad because, as you can see…” Jillian says, indicating all the people gathered around her wearing pink. Her friends’ shirts say, “Using Our Humor To Fight The Tumor.”

But while Jillian is grateful to celebrate her last day of chemo, she doesn’t know that one of her biggest supporters, her boyfriend Max, is waiting just outside with a plan to make Jillian’s day both the end of a painful journey and the beginning of a happier one as husband and wife. He’s got the ring, and he’s ready to roll.

Photo: YouTube/Memorial Sloan Kettering
Photo: YouTube/Memorial Sloan Kettering

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When he drops to one knee and pops the question in her hospital room, Jillian is in disbelief. “What!? Wait, no, really??”

As Max hugs and comforts Jillian through her shock, someone in the crowd reminds Max that Jillian hasn’t actually answered. “Oh yeah,” he says, “yes or no?”

Photo: YouTube/Memorial Sloan Kettering
Photo: YouTube/Memorial Sloan Kettering

Jillian quickly makes her acceptance clear and then Max slips on the ring, which Jillian wastes no time in showing off as she hugs her doctors and nurses.

We’re suckers for happy endings, and this one is beautiful. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Watch Max Surprise Jillian Below!

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