Latina Magazine Names Breast Cancer Advocate Inspiring

Monique Barraza was named Inspiring Latina of the Week by Latina magazine. She has been a breast cancer advocate since 2005, when she lost her mother to the disease. After starting the Abigail Barraza Foundation, she has worked to unite Latinas while increasing breast cancer awareness.

According to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in Hispanic women. Barraza teaches courses on breast cancer awareness, in addition to hosting support groups for those in need. Also, she focuses on early detection for younger members of the community.

“The Abigail Barraza Foundation provides breast cancer awareness and education in undeserving areas in Los Angeles and throughout California,” Barraza told the source. “We also teach at the local women’s shelters and treatment centers, hospitals and community centers in Hispanic communities (where there is a lack of awareness) and it has been extremely successful.”

Barraza also spoke to the magazine about a young woman she was mentoring. Together they would do field work and speak with families affected by breast cancer. The young lady forwarded the information on to her own mother who had found a lump a year before, yet didn’t seek treatment. With the gained knowledge from the organization, the woman found out it was in fact breast cancer, however it was treated in time and she is now in remission.

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