Latinas Often Get Diagnosed With Breast Cancer at a Late Stage

Latinos develop a variety of forms of cancer at a lower rate than non-Hispanics, according to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. However, breast cancer is currently the leading cause of cancer-related death in Latina women.

This presents an opportunity for outreach in this demographic to inform them about the importance of getting tested.

"The problem is that Latinos are getting diagnosed at a later stage," Dr. Alejandra Perez, medical director of the Memorial Breast Cancer Center in Florida, explained to NBC Latino. "They are not getting mammograms," she said. "Instead of being diagnosed with stage 1 or 2, they are diagnosed with stage 3 or 4. They get to a doctor later on and that's a big problem."

Currently, the ALAS-WINGS organization works to empower Latinas through breast cancer awareness and support in the event of a diagnosis. The nonprofit's educational workshops help women learn proper self-examination techniques. Additionally, the support groups are a platform for survivors to share stories and celebrate their triumphs. To enhance the self-esteem of current patients, ALAS on Wheels offers manicures and wig styling to underserved women.

Provide Mammograms

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