Laughter and Pink Hair – by Lisa

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Pink HairI have learned that my cancer journey has been more about laughter than the surgeries and treatments. And it’s that focus on laughter and love that has made my journey do-able. I owe a lot of that to my family and friends.

A perfect example of dealing with breast cancer with laughter is my hair cut party. It was shortly after I started chemo in 2008 and we gathered with family and friends to cut my hair. My kids did the initial trim and they loved it. I mean, how many kids get to say they cut their parents hair without getting into trouble! Then my husband finished it off. It was a celebration and a symbol. This was a fight we have every intention of winning, and we were going to enjoy our life while we did it.

I was NED after chemo and radiation until 2010. It was a routine CT that showed my cancer had spread. I am now stage 4 with mets to the liver. Surgery isn’t an option so I am on chemo and a hormone blocker treatment.

As a promise to our kids, I told them if I ever had to go through chemo again they would get to color my hair pink. And so, less than a week after my recurrence, we spent an evening in our kitchen as my family became my private boutique. Our girls get such a kick out of telling people about my pink hair. “It shows she’s fighting breast cancer and she’s going to WIN!” I love the smiles they have when they tell people.

So I’m here saying I’m not giving up the fight and I am going to enjoy every minute of my life’s journey with all the laughter I can get.

Olathe, KS

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