Leia Just Wants To Live In Peace, But Her Brother Is Not Gonna Let That Happen On His Watch

Sibling spats are nothing out of the ordinary. Anyone who grew up with a sibling has experienced it.

Once you grow up, all these little fights become fond memories, and soon you’ll be looking back and will even be reminiscing with your brother or sister about all the things you’ve fought about.

My brother once asked me, “Remember the time I used to cover your mouth when you were about to cry?” Yeah. I did. He did that so our parents wouldn’t be able to check in on us and see that I, poor little me, was being bullied by my brother, usually because he wouldn’t let me play with him on his old PlayStation. (I am still salty about that, yes.)

PHOTO: Pixabay/Bessi

But enough about human siblings! Today, I present to you a very mischievous dog who enjoys teasing his sister.

The Siberian Derpskies TikTok account, as the name implies, is all about two husky siblings that are too adorable and derpy for their own good.

Leia is a year older than her brother, Archer, but that doesn’t help her escape her brother’s teasing. The video below is just one of the many instances where Leia gets a bit irate towards her brother.

One particular video shows the dynamics between the two when one of them is feeling a little bit too playful and the (welcomed) pain of being a dad to these two furry children.

“Here’s what I think is happening: I think Leia has to pee, but she doesn’t want to leave her breakfast for Archer to take,” the dad said.

In the video, you can see Archer blocking the door to the yard as well, while Leia cries to her dad.

“[Leia screaming in protest] I’m not gonna let him take it, Leia,” said the dad.

After a few more seconds of Leia looking at her dad, her food gets taken far away from reach, and she is reassured that her food won’t be taken by Archer. With the help of their dad, Archer moves away from the door, and Leia can finally do her business outside.

“You’re so complicated. You’re ✨SO✨ complicated,” said their dad, as if he was exasperated. But we all can tell that he’s fond of her, as proven by his next statement. “I love you, Leia. Good girl,” he said.

That’s not the happy ending yet though.

Another clip was added after Leia was left outside to pee.

“Okay, now Archer’s not letting her pass.”

The two dogs were by the stairs arguing because Archer was blocking Leia’s way.

The owner scolded Archer and asked him to let his sister walk past, and Archer eventually backed down. Leia went straight to her cute little hammock and cried to her dad about her brother’s ‘playfulness.’

Watch the very cute video below!

@siberianderpskies Life with a younger brother isn’t always easy for anyone, but *especially* for Leia. 🐺💦🥴😅 #siberianderpskies #siberianhuskies #siberianhusky #dogsoftiktok #huskiesoftiktok #huskies #husky ♬ original sound – Siberian Derpskies

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