Her Grapefruit-Sized Tumor Continued to Grow Despite Chemo — Until Her Doctor Had an Idea

When professional cheerleader, dancer, and saleswoman Lindsey Murray first discovered a lump in her breast, she was told not to worry. It was likely an enlarged rib or inflammation. But the doctors were wrong.

Six months later, Lindsey was diagnosed with a grapefruit-sized desmoid tumor that presented unique challenges for surgery. She underwent 5 months of chemotherapy, but the tumor continued to grow unchecked.

“Every phone call I was getting from him was, ‘It’s grown a little bit,'” says Lindsey. “My phone rang, and I was shaking.”

That phone call from her doctor was the one that would change her life. He recommended a year of a particular chemotherapy treatment usually reserved for liver and kidney cancer patients. Never daunted, Lindsey undertook the oral chemotherapy. She may not have had high hopes for it in the beginning, but it worked!

Watch the video to hear the full story of Lindsey’s brave fight and how she’s turning her experience into a way to help others in the fight against breast cancer!

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