Star-Crossed Childhood Sweethearts Are Back in Each Other’s Arms After More than 50 Years, Thanks to LinkedIn

One of the most romantic songs that the world never forgets is about first love, soulfully rendered by Eugene Wilde and Joanna Gardner.

Maybe first love never ever dies
That’s why I’m still in love with you
Hold me close and look into my eyes
And tell me you don’t feel it too . . .

But what is rarer than a song’s making it to the top of the billboard is finding a love story that is the perfect reflection of its lyrics.

Photo: YouTube/WCCO-CBS Minnesota

Young, Star-Crossed Lovers Had to Give up Their Baby for Adoption

Yet, this is exactly what happened to star-crossed lovers Karen Lehmann and Denny Vinar who fell in love at a very young age. They even had to give up their baby for adoption in 1961, because it was the “wrong time” for the two of them.

Karen and Denny were high school sweethearts in Minnesota whose love led to Karen’s pregnancy at 15. Karen’s parents sent her to a Lutheran Social Services home for unwed mothers, where she gave birth to a baby girl. Denny was able to hold their child for just an hour, and then she was taken away to be placed in a foster home.

Photo: YouTube/WCCO-CBS Minnesota

Karen and Denny tried to fight for their love, but they eventually separated due to pressure from Karen’s parents. The couple thought they had finally said their final goodbye when they decided to move on with new partners.

However, even with the passing of so many years, Denny remained haunted by Karen’s memory. At a party, a friend had asked Denny, ‘If your physician gave you 60 days to live, who would be one person with whom you would like to talk or have dinner? The incident woke him up and caused him to spring into action. He needed to find his first love.

LinkedIn Helped Rekindle Love After More than 50 Years

Denny started his quest and found Karen on LinkedIn!

He sent her a message, and they corresponded for three months. Then, Denny felt it was time for the two of them to meet again.

Photo: YouTube/WCCO-CBS Minnesota

“It was just magic. She got out of the car, and she ran around, and she jumped on me and said, ‘Babe, you’re home,'” recalled Denny.

In just a matter of 36 hours, the couple tied the knot! But, Denny wanted their happiness to be complete, and the pair knew there was still someone missing.

Karen told WCCO, ‘One day he said, “Karen, it took me this long to find you. My life would be complete if we could find our daughter.'”

Photo: YouTube/WCCO-CBS Minnesota

With help from the adoption agency, the couple located their child, Denise, who is now known as Jean Voxland. Jean is already married, and she had a serious talk with her husband before agreeing to meet her real parents.

In 2016, Denny and Karen finally met their daughter. Jean and her husband welcomed them into their lives, and the rest is an absolutely happy ending for a first love that never dies.

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