Little Girl With Cancer Becomes a Princess

Isabella is 5 years old and wears a hat whenever she is in public, unless she's at the hospital and surrounded by other kids her age who are bald. She lost her hair from the treatment she is undergoing to fight leukemia. 

According to Buzzfeed, this is the second time she has been bald: The first time was when she was 3 years old and undergoing another round of treatment. When she was younger, it didn't matter that she was bald, but now that she is interested in princesses and is more aware of the world around her. Because it doesn't seem to her that baldness is normal, she doesn't like going in public without a hat. 

Isabella's mom Pina Harvey didn't want her little girl growing up thinking that she was not as pretty as other girls, so she contacted Gianna Nicole's Heart of Hope, a Staten Island, New York, organization that gives financial assistance and other help to families with children who are battling cancer. The organization reached out to Alana Hubbard, a photographer who partners with a company called Bella Princess that does photo sessions with kids and princesses. 

Hubbard arranged for a special photo shoot for Isabella and her siblings with Cinderella. When the girl arrived for her shoot, she did not want to take off her hat. That changed quickly when she saw Cinderella, a model wearing a bald cap, didn't have any hear. According to Isabella's mother, the girl quickly took off her hat and couldn't believe that the beautiful princess looked just like her. 

Isabella took a series of photos with Cinderella, in a snow-filled wonderland, holding a bluebird and a glass slipper. The two princesses even posed with Isabella's younger brother, who dressed as a pirate, and little sister, who dressed as another princess, while Cinderella read to them. The trio also had tea and cookies with the fairytale princess. 

Isabella spent her day in a light blue dress and tiara, gaining back her self-esteem and learning that you don't need to have hair to be beautiful.

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