Love What You See: These Women Reveal What They Feel When They Look In The Mirror

When John Legend released the music video for his song “You & I (Nobody In The World),” it featured 63 different women of varying ages looking at themselves in the mirror. One of them bared her mastectomy scars. Another bared her head, bald from cancer treatments.

During their time on set, these women were asked what they saw when they looked in the mirror, and their answers were compiled for this separate video featured below.

“We conducted dozens of interviews over the course of twelve days to cultivate this collection of voices,” the YouTube page explains. “From cancer survivors to a middle schooler facing bullying, each woman’s answer is indicative of her unique life experiences. Through interview, vérité filming, and staged recreations, this short documentary will deeply explore female self-image, self-judgement, and ultimately, self-love.

See how these beautiful women answered.

(What do you see when you look in the mirror? Share in the comments.)

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