Metastatic Breast Cancer Patient Begins Responding to Treatment After Winning Lottery

Diane Bishop was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer in April of 2016. She went through chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation treatment in the hopes of ridding her body of cancer, and she was declared cancer-free for a short bit.

But in May of 2017, she was faced with the tragic news that her breast cancer had returned and had metastasized to her lung and her hip. Her condition is now considered incurable.

Doctors warned that Bishop’s job was just killing her faster, but she couldn’t afford to quit either. Her treatment costs were sky-high, and she was starting to get in above her head financially.

Photo: CBC
Photo: CBC

But then something spectacular happened. Bishop isn’t sure why she felt the need to buy a lottery ticket that day, but she did. And it turned out to be one of the best and biggest life choices she could have made.

Bishop won the $1.5 million Super Set for Life jackpot, giving her the funds she needs—not to live high on the hog, but to simply live.

“This money wasn’t about going out and buying a new house or taking trips,” says Bishop. “This was about survival. I can survive now, and my kids can survive.”

Photo: CBC
Photo: CBC

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She will be able to get the treatment that could extend her life without worrying about how she will ever manage to pay for it. She can also afford to retire from her job, which she has officially done, to spend time with her family and take care of herself.

Bishop also has plans to seek treatment at a cancer center in Toronto, and she’s excited that she won’t have to go alone. Her winnings will provide the funds for her family to go along with her.

Just when Bishop thought things couldn’t be going any better, she got some more unexpected news. The most recent cancer treatment doctors had put her on seemed to be producing results, after several failed attempts. It’s a dream come true for Bishop.

Photo: CBC
Photo: CBC

“I got everything I wished for,” she says. “I can go happy, but I’m just not going yet.”

Check out the video below to learn more about Diane Bishop’s difficult journey and the two blessings that have changed everything.

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