Grandma Poses For A Hysterical ‘Boudoir Photo Shoot’ In A Bathtub Full Of Yarn

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This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

When it comes time for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and other special occasions, some women like to turn up the heat with a boudoir shoot. Samantha Bishop is familiar with these kinds of shoots. As a photographer, she offers her services for them. They empower women to feel confident and sexy while making a nice keepsake for their significant others.

According to People, Samantha was joking around with her mother, Lisa, about boudoir shoots. She asked Lisa if she’d consider doing one of her own for her husband, Mike, and Lisa joked, “Only in a bathtub full of yarn.” Lisa had no idea that when it came time to sit down for her shoot that her daughter would actually deliver!

Lisa immediately went along with the idea, climbing into the tub full of yarn and getting ready for some fun. The results are an adorable set of pictures that put a bashful smile on Mike’s face. Since their debut, the images have gone viral.

Samantha Bishop never thought that one of her boudoir photo-shoot clients would be her mother.

“The idea started as a joke,” she told People.

Samantha floated the idea so that her mother could see what she does as a professional photographer. Samantha has her own photography business, and she specializes in maternity and boudoir shoots.

The yarn was Lisa’s idea, although she didn’t know Samantha would actually do it.

“My mom is actually very modest,” the photographer admitted. “So when I said she should do a boudoir shoot so that she can see what I do for a living, she joked, ‘Only in a bathtub full of yarn’ — thinking I wouldn’t make it happen. So I ran with it.”

When the time came for the shoot, Lisa wasn’t expecting the yarn. But the grandma of five was a great sport when she discovered her idea had come to life, climbing right into the tub.

Samantha decided to go ahead with the idea when she realized how much it spoke to who her mother is.

“She loves to crochet, so it just fits her personality,” she explained.

The mother-daughter duo had a blast crafting each photo.

“We laughed too hard to be productive most of the time,” Samantha recalled. “It was all done jokingly. Some things I expected, some I didn’t.”

Lisa strikes some great poses, slipping down her glasses suggestively and giving “seductive” looks to the camera. It shows off her awesome confidence, while also keeping things silly!

When Samantha posted the results of the shoot to Roaming Magnolias’ social media accounts, she had no idea how much attention the playful pictures would get. To date, the post has gotten over 60,000 likes and 60,000 shares.

Lisa was equally shocked at how much attention the photos have gotten. “My mom is pretty blown away by the responses and positive feedback,” Samantha said.

Lisa has been so encouraged by all the positive responses to her shoot that she’s even thinking of doing another! “We definitely plan to do more,” Samantha revealed.

It might not be what people traditionally expect from a boudoir shoot, but that’s what makes it so sweet. It’s really a testament to Lisa’s fun-loving personality — and her great relationship with her daughter.

The only thing that tops Lisa’s confidence is her husband’s sweet reaction. Samantha was sure to be on hand to grab a few shots of Mike as he saw the photos on Christmas.

Samantha noted her dad’s sweet “schoolboy” reaction in the post she shared of the photos. You can tell he’s still blown away by (and totally smitten with) his wife.

We could all hope for the playful, laid-back love Samantha’s parents share. For her, the boost to her mom’s confidence and the reaction from her dad was what made the shoot a success.

“My dad loved the pictures and the whole thing was a hit,” she said.

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