14-Year-Old Babysits Niece And Hours Later, Mom Gets A Chilling Text From The Bathroom

This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

Savannah Jones, 14, was recently tasked with babysitting her 4-year-old niece Zoyee at their home in Montclair, California. Out of nowhere, someone began knocking on the front door. Savannah did not open it.

When the knocking became more and more persistent, Savannah quietly crept up to the peephole and saw a mysterious man she’d never seen before standing on the porch.

That’s when Savannah sprang into action. She swiftly picked up little Zoyee. The pair quietly hid in the bathroom, and Savannah instructed her not to make a peep.

Savannah texted her mom Maria from the bathroom and told her what was going on. While on the phone with her panicked mother, she heard a terrifying sound.

The man kicked in the front door and barged into the house. Savannah told Maria she was so frightened that the intruder would hear them… but she was more concerned with Zoyee’s safety than her own.

One can only imagine how horrified and helpless Maria must have felt being on the receiving end of her daughter’s text messages.

Watch the video below to see why this brave and intelligent teen is being hailed as a hero.

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