Parents Of Newborn Boy Notice His Lip Keeps Getting Bigger And Surgery Is Only Option

Kim and Tripp Morgan gave birth to a beautiful son named Murphy. It wasn’t long after his arrival that his bottom lip swelled up like a balloon, leaving him with discolored skin on his chin.

At first, Kim wasn’t too concerned. The mother from Little Rock, Arkansas, figured her son’s swollen lip would eventually return to normal size.

But the older Murphy grew, the larger his lower lip became. Doctors struggled to find the root cause, while Kim and Tripp struggled with the emotional ramifications.

When taking Murphy out in public, people would often stop and stare at his face in judgment, thinking the baby had recently been injured.

Murphy was ultimately diagnosed with a venous malformation, a “non-cancerous cluster of improperly formed blood vessels,” as reports.

Doctors thought injections, mostly used to treat varicose veins, would reduce the swelling. While the injections were effective, Murphy’s lip remained excessively large.

In the end, doctors told the Tripps that Murphy’s only option was a very special type of surgery.

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This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

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