Peeps Cereal Is Here As An Early Easter Gift, And People Have Seriously Mixed Feelings About It

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A springtime favorite is being reinvented on store shelves! Peeps, the marshmallowy candy animals that many associate with the Easter season, have been steadily invading breakfast territory. It began when coffee creamer favorite International Delight announced a limited edition Peeps coffee creamer. Now Kellogg’s is getting in on the fun with its new Peeps cereal.

Candy-flavored cereals have been enjoying a comeback in the current climate of a society that loves nostalgia. Sugary, sticky cereals that turned your milk different colors were the staples of many of a childhood. Early reviewers describe the new Peeps cereal as marshmallow-flavored with marshmallow bits. The cereal itself is in the same festive yellow, pink, and blue colors that Peeps candy animals come in. The sweet cereal is reportedly delicious on all accounts — it actually tastes like vanilla! We have a feeling fewer people will be giving up sugar for Lent with this box on shelves all spring.

Photo: Instagram/peepsbrand

When Peeps hit store shelves, you know spring is around the corner. The tiny chicks made of marshmallow and sugar are often associated with Easter.

Photo: Instagram/peepsbrand

These days, there are Peeps for every occasion! Special versions of the treats are available for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, and more.

Photo: Instagram/peepsbrand

Peeps have also been incorporated into other yummy treats. Last year, we were treated to special edition Oreos with marshmallow-Peeps-flavored creme.

Photo: Instagram/indelight

It appears that Peeps are now making their way into the breakfast arena. First, International Delight announced its limited edition Peeps-flavored coffee creamer.

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Photo: Instagram/mnmtwinz

Now we’re being treated to a limited edition Peeps cereal. The collaboration between Peeps and Kellogg’s has begun hitting store shelves, although neither company has officially announced it.

Photo: Instagram/Kendall Kirkham Sloan

So far, the cereal has been spotted in only a few Target locations across the country. It’s expected to have a wider rollout as spring nears.

Photo: Twitter/KairixXxSora16

Fans of the marshmallow treats are dying to get their hands on the new cereal. There’s even been a rush of foodie bloggers trying to track down and review the treats.

Photo: Instagram/munchiebunchie

Now for the important question: How does it taste? A festive, fun-looking cereal is great, but it also needs to be yummy.

Photo: Instagram/munchiebunchie

One reviewer remarked, “When you open it up you get a huge whiff of vanilla.” That reviewer later likened the cereal’s taste to Golden Oreo O’s cereal.

Photo: Photo: Twitter/FalseShepardd

Those who have a serious sweet tooth will rejoice at the news that the cereal has gotten a lot of praise. It’s been described as having the texture of Apple Jacks with a slightly sweeter taste than Lucky Charms.

Photo: Twitter/Blondenevadan

As more people are trying the new cereal, they’re getting creative about what you could pair it with. Some people are intrigued — or horrified — by the idea of combining it with the Peeps creamer, for example.

Photo: Twitter/Eat the Butter

As many fans as there are of both the original Peeps candy and the new cereal, some people are deeply opposed to both. They’re pretty outraged about what they see as a breakfast abomination.

Photo: Instagram/munchiebunchie

There are also some people who think the Peeps brand has missed a major opportunity. They question why the Peeps’ classic chick and bunny shapes weren’t incorporated into the cereal.

If you can get over starting your morning on a sweet note, chances are you can get on board with Peeps cereal. Will you be buying a box, or will you skip this limited edition release?

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