Bartender Mom Serves Truck Driver At Night, But Shakes In Complete Shock When She Sees The ‘Tip’

This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

In 2015, Kari was working her evening shift when a rough-and-tumble truck driver bellied up to the bar. The restaurant is located near a truck stop off the Interstate.

The two began exchanging pleasantries, which led to a conversation about their families.

Kari mentioned she was a single mom, which led to the trucker sharing stories about his own beloved mother.

But when the driver finished his meal and paid his bill of $89.72, Kari looked at the tip line and couldn’t believe her eyes…

Photo: Twitter/Kari Anthony

In 2015, Kari Anthony took a job as a bartender at Quaker Steak and Lube in Grand Island, Nebraska.

She had only been working at Quaker Steak for several weeks when a truck driver sat down at the bar during her evening shift.

The truck driver had just finished his shift and was spending the night at the truck stop near Kari’s restaurant off Interstate 80. He went to Quaker Steak and Lube for dinner and drinks.

Kari struck up a friendly conversation with the driver, just as she does with all of her customers. It started light and casual as they discussed Kari’s distinguishable southern accent. But the conversation took a deeper turn as the two discussed their shared love of family.

Photo: The Lube

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The trucker then asked Kari about her three kids and if she was a single mom. She told him yes, she was, which made him feel comfortable enough to talk about his own mom.

“I guess we were able to relate a little bit,” Kari said.

The truck driver finished up at the bar and went to pay his bill of $89.72. Kari expected him to leave a tip between $2 and $5, which is what she says truckers normally leave for her.

Photo: Twitter/Kari Anthony

This driver, however, left her a tip of $1000.

Kari was absolutely shocked. She told him he didn’t have to do that several times — but he insisted.

She was so nervous and stunned about the massive tip that she went to the back of the restaurant to speak with her manager.

Photo: Twitter/Kari Anthony

Kari’s manager spoke to the man for 10 minutes, making sure he wanted to leave the tip. At this point, Kari was “shaking really bad.”

Again, he insisted. He wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

Kari learned the truck driver also paid the tabs of the customers he spoke to while seated at the bar.

Photo: pixabay

Once reality set in and Kari accepted the tip, the truck driver told the single mother to use the money to do something special for her kids.

Kari remembered she had always wanted to take them to the Nebraska State Fair, but could never afford it.

Photo: Twitter/Kari Anthony

“They got to go to the fair and play games and all the other stuff,” Kari said. “Normally, because of situations, I would have not been able to do that. But I was able to because of that gentleman. I am just extremely grateful.”

The truck driver turned out to be an angel in disguise; never judge a book by its cover!

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