Mom Hears Man Say ‘Wake Up, Baby’ On Monitor, Then Realizes She’s Never Heard This Voice Before

This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

A terrified couple in Cincinnati, OH, heard chilling words over their 10-month-old daughter’s baby monitor. “Wake up, baby,” a stranger’s voice could be heard saying.

As it turned out, a maniacal man hacked the couple’s baby monitor in April 2014, allowing him to spy on all the goings-on in the nursery… for God knows how long.

It was all uncovered when the baby’s mother noticed the monitor was moving erratically. She called her husband in the room, and that’s when the hacker realized he was caught.

Experts say there was a firmware glitch inside the camera, which the parents were not aware of. This glitch allowed the sophisticated hacker to obtain the monitor’s passwords. He could watch, hear, and speak to the baby.

The parents called the monitor’s manufacturer, and the company revealed a frightening truth: this wasn’t the first time something like this happened.

Parents who purchase baby monitors should safely set the security and never use a default password.

Watch the chilling footage below!

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