The Right Doctors Make All the Difference — She Never Expected the Treatment They Suggested

When Lynn Gallett was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, she had the same fears and concerns that any fighter faces. What would the treatment entail? How would it change her body?

She went into Mayo Clinic fully expecting to have to have both breasts removed. She only went in to give the clinic her records so that they would be ready for her appointment the following week, but two helpful doctors on her team agreed to meet with her on their lunch breaks a week early so that her treatment could begin sooner and she could be done with cancer.

The physicians at the Mayo Clinic provided Lynn with top-notch care that helped her fight against breast cancer in a way she never thought possible. They suggested a different treatment than the one she had expected in the hopes that a double mastectomy might not have to be a reality.

The treatment was difficult for Lynn, but she saw results almost immediately, which helped her maintain her resolve to keep fighting and beat breast cancer once and for all.

Check out the video below to see how the doctors treated Lynn and why she believes having the right doctors made such a huge difference in her cancer battle and in her life.

The Mayo Clinic is helping women like Lynn fight breast cancer every day. The Breast Cancer Site has created an endowed fund at the Mayo Clinic to help finance the ongoing search for a cure. Learn more about Mayo Clinic and our part in their search for a cure here.

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