Former Cancer Nurse Makes Disney Princess Wigs for Kids with Cancer

Former cancer nurse, Holly Christensen, of Palmer, Alaska began a very special project last fall. After finding out the daughter of a friend had cancer, she made the young girl a wig out of yarn—but not just any wig—a long Rapunzel wig. The new locks allowed the young girl to feel like a beautiful princess after losing her hair, and offered her some optimism during an especially difficult time.

Just like Rapunzel.

Posted by The Magic Yarn Project on Monday, October 5, 2015

Word got around about Christensen’s Disney princess wigs and requests from others came flooding in. The demand for more transformed a small act of kindness into what is now a nationwide cause. Volunteers from across the country have since rallied to participate in the movement, and the growth led to the creation of the “The Magic Yarn Project,” which aims to make as many wigs as possible.

Christensen didn’t anticipate the popularity of the cause, and is amazed at the level of participation. She referred to the abundance of people seeking participation equally as magical as the cause itself, which she hopes offers a little cheer to children fighting an extraordinary battle.

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