#Mamming is the Newest Viral Internet Sensation

#Mamming involves women (or men) placing or leaning their clothed breasts on an object and taking a picture to share with the masses.

“#Mamming is a chance for all of us to show solidarity with the millions of women getting mammograms this Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” the campaign’s website explains. “Because when a woman reaches a certain age, doctors recommend that she get a mammogram to screen for the disease, and the procedure involves laying her boobs on the machine’s flat surface.”

If you wish to show your support, you can snap a photo of yourself creatively #Mamming and tweet it with the appropriate hashtag. The organizers of this campaign also want people to encourage the women in their life to get mammograms. According to WomensHealth.gov, women ages 50-74 should get tested every two years.


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