Mastectomy and Plastic Surgery Leave Patient Looking Good

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By Armen Hareyan for

Guilliana Rancic’s brave and very public decision to treat her early stage breast cancer with a double mastectomy at first seems like an over reaction. After all, aren’t we living in the age of treating small breast cancers with the triple whammy of lumpectomy, radiation and often chemotherapy? The reality is that most women submit to this advice. A significant portion of the breast tissue is surgically removed and the remainder is treated with radiation. A conserved breast but distorted to some degree by surgery and radiation remains as does the risk of developing another cancer.

The reality of living under the threat of another breast cancer drives many women, like Ms. Rancic, to insist on another option. Mastectomy removes almost all the breast tissue and therefore almost all of the risk of another cancer. At first this seems like quite an over reaction. Why would a woman choose to undergo mastectomy; removal of the entire breast, to treat a cancer when much less invasive options are offered. But new advances in breast cancer surgery make the choice of mastectomy an attractive option not only for treatment of breast cancer but even prophylactically for women at high risk to develop breast cancer.

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