It’s a Match: Caring Teacher Gives Student a Second Chance at Life

For her whole life, 8-year-old Natasha Fuller has dealt with the effects of Eagle-Barrett Syndrome, also known as “prune belly syndrome.” She has needed kidney dialysis treatments three times a week, so she has to live with her grandparents to be close to the hospital. In need of a kidney transplant, Natasha has suffered frequent kidney infections that left her unable to get the transplant and pushed to the bottom of the list. But just when Natasha’s situation looked dire, Jodi Schmidt, a teacher at her school called her and her grandmother into school for some surprising news. Jodi had gone to a hospital to test herself and see if she was a suitable donor.

After getting her results back, Jodi and the school’s principal, Becky Doyle, set up a meeting with Natasha and her grandmother, Chris Burelton. Chris was nervous about the meeting, thinking Natasha may be in trouble or doing poorly in school. Jodi simply gave her a gift box. Chris opened it to see something unforgettable: a card with the words “it’s a match.”

Once Chris had contained her joy and excitement a bit, they called Natasha into the room, who then got her own chance to open the box. Once the adults in the room explained exactly what the message meant, the young girl was overcome with joy and responded by embracing her new friend-for-life.

Do you know a teacher that goes above and beyond?

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