Terminal Breast Cancer Can’t Stop This Mom From Being There For Her Daughter

In 2013, Heather McManamy was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite a brave fight, Heather’s cancer is terminal.

Facing the realities of death, this 35-year-old mom has decided to do something awe-inspiring for her 4-year-old daughter, Brianna. Heather started creating keepsakes for her daughter for each of life’s major milestones that will be given to Brianna as they occur. In this way, Heather will be able to be there for her daughter, despite her terminal case of cancer.

“I want her to always know that I did everything I could possibly do to be here,” McManamy said.

To date, Heather has written over 40 cards, letters, videos, and recordable books for Brianna.

“It was difficult once I was done, just looking at this pile that's a physical representation of everything I'm going to miss,” she said.

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