Men and Women Go Topless for a Breast Cancer Photo shoot

According to the American Cancer Society, one in 1,000 men will get breast cancer in their lifetime and about 430 will die this year as a result of the disease. Unfortunately, men aren’t as educated about breast cancer as women, who have a one in eight chance of being diagnosed. One group aims to change that and raise awareness of male breast cancer.

According to N.J. News, nine men posed for a photo shoot, along with a group of women, in Manhattan. All of the participants were breast cancer survivors and removed their shirts for the topless picture, displaying their scars. The event was part of TopsOff NY, a campaign that calls survivors to go shirtless as a way to raise awareness of cancer. This specific photo shoot also promoted a fundraising campaign that will pay for the making of a documentary called “Stepping out of the Pink Shadow: A Male Breast Cancer Story.”

While the photo helped the breast cancer awareness cause, it was also a way for men living with the disease to support one another.

“We did it for the men, so they could see, ‘Oh my God, there is someone else like me. I’m not a freak,'” Cheri Ambrose, an activist for male breast cancer awareness, told the source.

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