Men Get Breast Cancer, Too — And Harvey Is Spreading The Word!

Men are not regularly screened for breast cancer, yet they are also at risk for this disease. Just because you don’t hear about men getting breast cancer very often doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

And the lack of awareness that breast cancer is a men’s disease leads to men suffering the worst consequences at times. In fact, the mortality rate is higher in men than women who have breast cancer because by the time it is diagnosed, it has typically progressed to a later stage in its development.

What is it like being a man with breast cancer? Turns out, quite frustrating. Harvey shares his experience in the video below.

Despite the obvious panic and shock that comes with a cancer diagnosis, the information available about male breast cancer is extremely limited. Because of this fact, breast cancer survivor Harvey and his sister, also a breast cancer survivor, created a website dedicated to educating the public about male breast cancer.

Gentlemen, don’t let pride or ignorance take your health or even your life. Get as much information as you can and ask your doctor if you’re a candidate for screening. If you notice any abnormalities in your chest region, consult your physician.

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