Michigan Cancer Patient Wins Exact Duplication Wig

There are a variety of changes that developing breast cancer causes in your life. Not only is it hard for many to go through surgery and chemotherapy, hair loss can also be a tough side effect of treatment. However, according to Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ, a breast cancer patient based out of Michigan gained an extra sense of hope when she won an exact duplication wig from the Raydiance For Women company.

April Morris entered a giveaway in October by sharing her story with the business in a chance to receive a custom wig for free. Morris’ journey started even before she was diagnosed.

“My father passed away of ALS,” Morris told the source. “I was married at the age of 30 and became a widow at 32. My husband was a paramedic who was hit and killed in front of our home.”

Additionally, in 2012 when she was set to remarry, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Morris underwent a double mastectomy, yet her chemotherapy treatment continues. As the side effects of the medical care take hold, the exact duplication wig will give her a way to stay confident while being a strong woman as well.

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