Little Boy’s Dream Of Being Big Brother Comes True When He Holds His Tiny Sibling.

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Six-year-old Mikey Marotta had a dream: to be a big brother. He had it all planned out. He’d imagined what he and his brother would do together, what Mikey would share with him, and how fun it would be to be a family of four. His heart was set.

Mikey regularly asked his parents when his younger sibling would be arriving. His mom, Jessica Marotta, certainly wanted to make Mikey’s dream come true. She and her husband wanted to have another baby, but they’d struggled with fertility issues, and they didn’t want to make Mikey promises that they couldn’t keep. After Jessica had a miscarriage in 2017, she and her husband decided to accept that they may always be a family of three.

“We had a heart to heart one night and decided we would be perfectly content as a family of three,” Jessica said. “When Mikey would ask when he was going to get his baby brother, we would explain he may not get one—that some families only have one child and that is OK. He would tear up and say, ‘That’s OK if I don’t get a human brother; I have Dillinger,’ our dog.” What a brave, understanding little boy!

But Mikey still didn’t give up hope.

At family gatherings, Mikey would talk about what he would do when his baby brother finally showed up. He had big plans for the adventures they would have together. “He had so many plans,” Jessica said. “Whenever he had two of something or got something newer, he would say, ‘I’m going to save this other one for my baby brother.'”

When Jessica found out she was expecting, she was nervous, but overjoyed. Mikey’s baby brother Jake was born nine weeks early at a just 1.7 pounds, but he was strong, healthy, and red-headed just like Mikey!

After Jake spent 60 days in the NICU, he was ready to meet his big brother face to face, or chest to chest, in this case. Jessica caught their sweet first moments together on video, and it’s easy to see that Mikey is beside himself with joy!

“He was emotional and nervous, too,” Jessica said. “He giggled the whole time—it was so sweet.”

Their first moments of contact look like the beginning of a deep brotherly bond, and it’s easy to see why Mikey was wishing so hard for so long.

Now Jessica updates an Instagram page showing the boys’ relationship, which has only grown stronger since their first moment of skin-to-skin bonding.

“When Jake hears Mikey’s voice, his little head twists and turns to look for him,” Jessica said. “Mikey was also the first one Jake smiled at, and for a while, he was the only one who could make Jake smile.”

“I truly think that they will be close for the rest of their lives,” Jessica said. “I feel like Mikey knew in his heart all along this little brother of his was coming — it was just a matter of time.”

Watch the tender moment of Mikey’s hope being fulfilled below.

This story originally appeared at InspireMore.

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