Millions Raised in Avon walk For Breast Cancer

The 12th annual Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in San Francisco concluded this past Sunday, July 13, as a huge success. The walk was the fifth of eight Avon Walk for Breast Cancer events to take place in the U.S during 2014 and drew more than 1,800 participants for it's 39.3 mile course. Among them were more than 200 survivors of breast cancer. All in all, the San Francisco walk generated about $4 million, which will go to improving breast cancer research and patient advocacy, as well as raising awareness of the disease as a whole.

The Avon Walk features a fundraising challenge taken on by all participants. Effectively, each person who registers for the walk is required to fundraise a minimum of $1,800 for the foundation. Though this minimum gift is significant, many people go on to raise exponentially more money, an effort born from their passion for the eradication of the disease. As Lis Fauchs, a participant in the 2014 walk, explained, many people form into fundraising teams to combine their efforts.

"I'm the number two fundraiser in the Avon walk," Fauchs told Oakland Fox affiliate KTVU. "I'm the captain of the number three team. We've raised a little over $98,000 and we're shooting for $100,000 and we're really close."

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