Mom’s Miracle Baby After Cancer, Tragedy

Jennifer Lowright has a healthy, adorable baby girl — but getting to this point hasn’t been without difficulty and heartbreak.

Within the span of nine years, Lowright married the love of her life, Chris; was diagnosed with an aggressive form breast cancer at age 34; underwent years of cancer treatments and then fertility treatment; and then within the space of nine months, she learned she was pregnant, unexpectedly lost her husband, and gave birth to her miracle baby.

Yet through it all, the Illinois native has tried to remain positive.

Photo: YouTube/Fertility Centers of Illinois

Lowright started getting mammograms at age 31 at the recommendation of her doctor, since she has dense breast tissue. Her mammogram results in 2007 were clear, so when she got the reminder for her mammogram in 2008, she wasn’t in a huge rush. Life was pretty great.

But a mere six weeks after getting married, she got a mammogram and found out she had a malignant tumor growing in her left breast.

It was devastating news. Her cancer was aggressive, and so Jennifer got some second opinions and opted to get a double mastectomy.

Photo: YouTube/Fertility Centers of Illinois

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During the course of talking with different doctors, the topic of fertility came up — something neither Jennifer nor her husband Chris had started thinking about. So before she had surgery in December of 2008, Jennifer had nine embryos frozen. Since she was going to start chemotherapy immediately after her surgery, and that can kick your body into early menopause or make it more difficult to conceive, she and Chris wanted to be prepared.

After intense rounds of chemo, during which her hair fell out, she had radiation and then another form of chemotherapy. In addition, she started taking another cancer drug, which she would continue taking for five years.

During this time, both her sister-in-law and mother were also diagnosed with breast cancer.

Photo: Facebook/Jennifer Kynion-Lowright

It wasn’t until 2015, seven years after her diagnosis, that she and Chris were told that they could begin trying to conceive.

In 2017, after two years of trying, four fertility treatments, and using every single one of the nine embryos they’d frozen, Jennifer and her husband found out she was pregnant at the age of 42.

They were overjoyed. And when they found out they were having a little girl, Chris was especially excited.

Jennifer experienced heightened anxiety during the pregnancy, and sought the help of a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, and a massage therapist to help her through it.

Photo: YouTube/Fertility Centers of Illinois

Then, a few months before their baby girl was due, the unthinkable happened: Chris died unexpectedly.

Jennifer soldiered on, and her daughter Emmie was born healthy and perfect, with a striking resemblance to her father.

“She’s my little piece of heaven,” Jennifer told ABC news. “She’s also identical [to him] … the spitting image of him. She’s all Chris.”

Photo: Facebook/Jennifer Kynion-Lowright

Jennifer and her miracle baby are both in good health, and Jennifer credits her positive attitude for helping her get through the ups and downs through the past ten years.

“You gotta believe its gonna work and you gotta believe you’re gonna come through it,” she said.

We wish all the best for Jennifer and Emmie!

Learn more in the video below.

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