This Incredible Woman Has Faced So Many Battles — And Still, She’s Smiling. If You Watch One Video Today, Watch This One.

Today is a day of support for Misty Deblasio, a 52-year-old woman living with stage IV, incurable breast cancer. She just finished her last chemo treatment, because in her words, “there’s nothing left to do.” Today, all of her family and friends are showering her with even more love, support, and prayers than usual — and they’re asking people who do not know her to do the same. After you watch this video, you will see just how incredible this woman really is. Her story will break your heart, and give you hope.

Take a look.

Edit: Misty passed away on 8/23/14, two weeks after this blog was posted. Her story still lives on, though, as an inspiration for so many fighting this battle.


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