Mom Battling Breast Cancer Uses Times Square Billboard To Help Her Daughter Find Love

When some people see the 47-foot-by-25-foot billboard in Times Square advertising a girl looking for love, they make think she’s simply looking for a few new dates. However, the reality is much deeper than that.

According to Boston News, 61-year-old Beth Davis was recently diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. But this time, it spread to her bones – a devastating diagnosis, with an average life expectancy of 9 months.

Not wanting to leave her daughter, Molly Davis, alone in the world without family left, Beth decided to create a Wingman profile for her.

Times Square
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The app allows friends and family to set up a dating profile for someone in their life and pick out dates for them to choose from. But when Molly went to the app to share their story and look for a match for her daughter, the CEO ended up being moved by the situation and the two worked together to do more than creating a profile – they created an entire billboard!

The Times Square billboard reads, “Date my daughter. I’m Molly’s wingman and her mom.”

Times Square Billboard
Photo: YouTube/NowThis News

Molly Davis spoke with CNN, saying, “I had that moment of, ‘Oh my gosh, like, how, what are people going to think of this?'”

Beth also spoke with the news outlet, explaining that she wants Molly to find someone with a big family and network of friends so Molly isn’t left alone when she passes.

Molly Davis
Photo: YouTube/NowThis News

She added that Molly has always been her wingman, taking her to cancer treatment appointments and looking after her, so now it was her turn to play wingman.

It’s unclear if Molly has found any suitable matches from the billboard or dating profile, but we hope it’s working out for her!

It goes to show that a mother’s love no knows bounds.

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