‘Why NOT Me?’: Mom and Breast Cancer Survivor Writes a Book for Those Asking ‘Why Me?’

Noreen T. Taranto is a mother of three boys, a wife of 25 years and a breast cancer survivor. She won her battle with the disease after a harsh treatment regimen that left her physically and emotionally drained, but she’s proud of her struggle and eventual victory. Seven years after she become cancer free, Taranto decided to write about her experience, an autobiographical project that became “Why Not Me? Cancer Isn’t Picky, It Just Picks.”

Taranto realized while she was writing that she never asked the question, “Why me?” She knew the question was a pointless one that would only cause her grief. Cancer doesn’t scan the population and select one in eight women for a reason. Some women just get it. Taranto wanted to get that idea across in her writing.

She also chose the image of an apple for the cover of the book because it reminded her of women fighting against breast cancer.

Photo: Adobe Stock/undrey
Photo: Adobe Stock/undrey

“We are thick skinned with a strong core. As our skin is slowly peeled, and we are exposed, the seeds of new growth are ready to spread,” Taranto wrote in a book summary.

The autobiography is a humor-driven account of Taranto’s struggles meant to bring hope and encouragement to readers. You can find it on Amazon.com and other online retailers.

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